Conditions Treated

Dr. Keith Giaquinto is a chiropractor with a specialty in Internal Health.

Dr. Giaquinto evaluates the function of the body to identify where the primary source of stress is mechanically and nutritionally.  Once the primary source of stress is identified, Dr. Giaquinto works together with his patients to minimize the source of stress.  He creates a customized care plan specifically for you, your body and your health care goals.   His care plan for you may include chiropractic adjustments, postural exercises, diet modification, enzyme supplementation, lifestyle habits and most important the education you require to own your health through free health workshops.

Common conditions he can treat:
Musculoskeletal           Internal                                        Internal
Neck Pain                        Digestion Conditions                Lymphatic Congestion
Midback Pain                  Immune Deficiencies               Swelling/Edema
Low Back Pain               Hormone Imbalances               ADHD
Stiff Sore Joints            Allergies (Seasonal/Food)      Autism
Chronic Pain                   Asthma                                        Bedwetting
Strains/Sprains              Skin Conditions                          Urinary Frequency
Headaches                      Insomnia                                     Weight Loss/Gain
Sports Injuries                Fatigue                                        Brain Fog
Herniated Discs             Depression
Numbness/Tingling      Anxiety

People seek Dr. Giaquinto for 3 reasons:

  1. They are in pain.
  2. They have some chronic unresolved health problem(s) that they have been to 5+ doctors or specialists and they still have the problem.
  3. They don’t have any active symptoms but are looking to be proactive with their health and get on a wellness program to reduce their risk of chronic degenerative diseases.

I can offer to anyone looking for help with their health a free 10-15 minute screening to see if what I offer can help them.  If I can’t I will let them know or refer them to someone I believe can.